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Save as Favorite

Announced Dec. 9, 2020 by Armin No Comments on Save as Favorite

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A quick update to mention that you may now save your favorite posts in the Reviewed, Noted, Spotted, and Linked categories and access them in your own personal archive. You can also browse an archive sorted by the most favorited posts. Also, across all archive pages, search results, tag results, and the home page, each post will now feature a favorite count. On each individual post you can find the “Save as Favorite” button (as well as links to your and everyone’s favorites) after the header image and at the end of the post before the polls in the Reviewed and Noted categories. Hope you enjoy this new feature, we’ll see how it works, and make modifications if needed.

If you read Brand New in an RSS reader, this feature only works on the full website.

If the design or layout of those new elements look weird, do a hard refresh on your browser to reload the style sheet.

[Update]: As I imagined, the pagination on the most favorited archive is not working properly but I could only test it once it was live and we had a larger sampling. Hoping to have it sorted out soon. Fixed.



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