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Spanair Logo, the People’s Choice

Reviewed May. 26, 2009 by Armin

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Spanair Logo, Before and After

Spanair, a 20-year-old international airline with hubs in Madrid and Barcelona, has recently undergone some management changes when its previous full owner, Scandinavian Airlines Systems, gave 80% of its share of the company to a new group of investors. As with other management changes, this lead to the redesign of Spanair’s identity. The job went to Morillas Brand Design, who led Spanair to two very viable solutions for a new logo. The obvious next step — sarcasm! — was to put those two identity options to public voting. Between May 5 and 11, close to 80,000 people voted and mid-May, the winner was announced.

Spanair Logo Options

The two contenders.

Spanair Logo, the Runner-up

The runner-up.

The presented options were the winning design, titled “World,” and the runner-up, titled “Trail” or “Wake.” “Mundo” y “Estela” in Spanish. Both logos had a feeling of space flight more than regular commuter flight, which I guess is a nice aspirational inclination. The runner-up would have been a pain to reproduce, with such a thin mark and it was the more NASAesque. The winner, well, there isn’t much nice to say about it other than it’s a visual improvement over the previous one. But it seems to be a derivative of too many logos. I’m not one to typically make logo equations, but this one is too easy to resist:

Spanair Logo, Equation

Boeing + Pepsi + Expedia = Spanair

Below are two opinion pieces on each of the options.

About “World.”

About “Trail.”

Thanks to Hollis Duncan for the tip.



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