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The Best and Worst Identities of 2016, Part 5: The Worst Noted

Announced Dec. 28, 2016 by Armin

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Is it coincidence that in 9 out of the 13 selections in this list there is no design credit? I think not… nay, I know not. Unlike the Worst Reviewed, these logos do showcase some of the not-best qualities in logo design.

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This is another case where I added a 13th choice because it’s arguably not that bad… So its inclusion in this list argues that it is. None of the deliberate choices in the design of each letterform is pleasant or useful, not even in cake form. And I love cake.

Two icons that were never meant to be together come together in one nasty Voltron of a bank merger.

This really is not that bad because the old one was already so bad. It also begs the question: why bother?

This got more positive support in the comments than I expected and perhaps I’m in the minority of not liking but I will happily stay in that minority. No matter how badly those letters behaved, they didn’t deserve that treatment.

Absolute horror show in the wordmark. That “S”. That “m”. That “a”. That “r”. That “t”. Yeah, that whole thing… no.

I get what they were going for but maybe they shouldn’t have gone for it.

Another highly questionable piece of typography with perplexing ligatures and overzealous tight spacing. In addition, the logo system could have been saved by a more interesting variation of the swirls in the icon.

While the pelican icon is somewhat okay, the use of Impact — the meme font — is unacceptable.

A perfectly acceptable logo replaced with a perfectly annoying set of unnatural ligatures. Rounding some of the corners of the “N” does not help.

A convoluted mess of styles and sizes and thicknesses and unicases and ascenders and descenders.

I will admit this is shooting fish in a barrel and should perhaps be exempted but I can’t, not with those font choices.

For a city to draw so many references from and end up with a logo like this is an actual sin, not to mention it’s way too close in style to the tourism logo except that this one is like a decommissioned slot machine.

As much as it pained me to label some of the projects in the Worst Reviewed list as The Worst, I have zero qualms about labeling this as THE worst. The name, the typography, the circuit board texture… everything about it is the worst. Bar none.

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