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The Best and Worst Identities of 2017, Part 2: The Best Reviewed

This installment covers the very best projects from the full-fledged Review section of Brand New. A reminder that votes from the polls have no sway in the selections.

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This is the closest we have gotten to a modern-day New-Haven-railroad-level logo in the train industry — which, granted, is not a booming one. Using the diacritic over the “Z” in the company’s name to create an overhead view of a railway switch is very clever. And that livery… swoon.




In the realm of geometric-sans-serif-based identities — of which there have been dozens recently — this one found a way to be charming, surprising, and playful in the most minimal of ways while doubling down on pink as the brand color.




Maybe it’s not fair to put a tiny coffee shop against the bigger organizations usually covered in the Reviewed section but Little Wolf packed a big punch in all of its executions.