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The Best and Worst Identities of 2017, Part 4: The Best Noted

Somewhat similar to The Worst Reviewed, The Best Noted leaves a lot to be desired for. Perhaps it’s a reflection of my own editorial choices where the cool stuff gets Reviewed and the not-so-cool stuff gets Noted. There are only nine selections in this list and none of them are super exciting but still some pretty strong, valiant work.

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I know this isn’t a great logo but I find it extremely pleasing and charming in its clunkiness. It’s also the rare occasion where I don’t hate Gill Sans Ultra Bold.



A simple, elegant, corporate-y update that also looks friendly and accessible. Nice typography, nice key color in the dark blue, and a nice allusion to the weather vane.




Just the right kind of crazy for an amusement park, providing a cool graphic representaion of the world’s creepiest amusement park entrance.



I know this one didn’t have too many fans but I still think it’s a striking wordmark with a rare combination of playfulness and seriousness.




A very slick update to the logo and an improvement for the brand recognition of the ice cream in the redesigned pints, all made better by the promise of what waits inside.