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The Best and Worst Identities of 2018, Part 1: The Most Notable Reviewed & Noted

This first installment — of seven total coming over the holidays — looks at the most notable projects, from both the Reviewed and Noted categories, in terms of notoriety and media attention received. These are neither the best nor the worst, although a few make repeat appearances in other lists, but simply the most visible. Listed in order.

We will be back with regular posts on January 7, 2019.

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If this change had applied to the U.S. as well — it’s only for Staples in Canada — it would have ranked much higher in this list but, like free (proper) health care, I doubt we’ll see it this side of the border.




Little Caesars doesn’t get as much notoriety as Domino’s or Pizza Hut, even though it’s the third largest pizza behind them, but it may now be the best designed — relatively speaking within the pizza world — of the three.




With Squarespace making major moves into the mainstream, getting such a funky new identity is a daring risk. Will it pay off?