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The Best and Worst Identities of 2018, Part 2: The Best Reviewed

This installment covers the very best projects from the full-fledged Review section of Brand New. A reminder that votes from the polls have some sway in the selections but they do not determine them.

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In a year of minimalism and stripping off of brand personality it was great to see this joyous, effusive, devil-may-care typographic system.




An elegant update to the logo and a beautiful, well-thought-out system help position this company as the premium alternative in an industry in dire need of good design (not to mention good experiences).




It’s a slightly awkward logo but at the same time it works so well in using its characters to form a square. It also made the clichés of the logo-as-window and that-blue work really well in its favor.




A charming set of abstract pet icons drive this identity and they pair really well with the more serious typography.