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The Best and Worst Identities of 2019, Part 1: The Most Notable Reviewed & Noted

This first installment — of seven total coming over the holidays — looks at the most notable projects, from both the Reviewed and Noted categories, in terms of notoriety and media attention received. These are neither the best nor the worst, although a few make repeat appearances in other lists, but simply the most visible. Listed in order.

We will be back with regular posts on January 6, 2020.

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Backgrounds: crops of photos by Sean Sinclair on Unsplash
Fonts: Decoy by PSTL and Spoof by Polytype.




Not since the London 2012 Olympics logo announcement back in the distant past of 2007 has another Olympics logo gathered as much attention as this fashionably-coiffed rendition of France’s national symbol, Marianne.




After a lot of lackluster country brands in the past few years, this extra orange-y tulip by Studio Dumbar is a great example of how it’s done.




At a time when all fashion brands are going black and bland, Kate Spade quadrupled down on its spade to create an awesome new clover motif drenched in bright pink and contrasted with a rich, deep green, with matching products to boot.




As the industry of broadcasting and watching people play video games booms with Twitch at the forefront, a solid yet colorful update gave the company a mature yet still in your face identity as it continues to grow.