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The Best and Worst Identities of 2019, Part 2: The Best Reviewed

This installment covers the very best projects from the full-fledged Review section of Brand New. A reminder that votes from the polls have some sway in the selections but they do not determine them.

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Backgrounds: crops of photos by Sean Sinclair on Unsplash
Fonts: Decoy by PSTL and Spoof by Polytype.





I still feel kind of icky celebrating a corporation with dubious practices and agendas — which is why I’m sliding it in at number 13 — but I really do like what they did here within the realm of large corporate identity.



I know not everyone liked this logo — I did — but the main reason it gets a shoutout is that in an election cycle where candidates actually tried having good, proper logos, Buttigieg got it the most right.




While there could have been some finessing in the type selections this was a great concept that cleverly married different music genres under one festival brand and felt cheerfully executed.




The funkiest wordmark all year was a surprise hit with Brand New commenters — I was expecting blood! — and the heavily layered and ornate applications were also very will received.