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The Year in Review, Part 5: The Best in Icons, Monograms, Wordmarks, and Mascots

This installment covers logo stuff: icons, monograms, wordmarks, and mascots (which are sometimes the logo and sometimes not but it made sense to bundle them in this installment). There is no minimum or maximum number of inclusions I made… I went with as many as felt right. All selections (except for the mascots) have been rendered in Brand New red so that we can appreciate their design on a more even basis. There are no captions in these posts because I have pretty much written everything there is to write about all these things in the original posts. Perhaps also worth reminding that the order of the selections are my own and not a direct reflection of the poll results, which I do use as a barometer but ultimately I go by gut feel and what stood out the most when seen together.

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Best In

Brazilian Taekwondo Confederation by KOUS9


Planted by LIT Create


National Gallery of Canada by AREA 17


TUS by Piquant


Knowdonia by Thisaway


Mouz by EIGA Design


Pacific Gold by Hoodzpah


Athletics Canada by One Twenty Three West


Allspring by Wolff Olins


Story Espresso by for The People


Czech Skateboarding Association by Frank Ateliér


Group X by Smith & Diction


New Holland Brewing by Design Bridge


Papier by Ragged Edge


Exposure by Smith & Diction

All Together All icons Best In

Trullion by Emunah Winer


Head East by The Click


Sweetgreen by COLLINS and In-house


Mario Hernández by Bastarda


George C. by Fook


Chicago Fire FC by Matthew Wolff Designs


Gage & Tollner by Order


Carnegie Hall by Champions Design and In-house


Tech Central by For The People


Trux by Matchstic


Ocean Generation by Pearlfisher


Glyphs by A.A. Trabucco-Campos and Matteo Bologna of Mucca


Realm by Mother Design


Squirrels by Supple Studio


Songtrust by Order


Burger King by Jones Knowles Ritchie

All Together All Monograms Best In

Kia done In-house and Blackspace


Gage & Tollner by Order


Kinema by Mucho


Nettie by Hoodzpah


Gigantic! by Gander


6ourbon 7ime by Leo Burnett Chicago


Piedmont Art Walk by Mucho


Caserne Inn by Caserne


Gaieté by M — N Associates


Exposure by Smith & Diction


Jaktar by Bedow


Olympia by SomeOne


Otta by Ragged Edge


Realm by Mother Design


SeatGeek done In-house with Hoodzpah and Mother Design


Squirrels by Supple Studio


Match by COLLINS


Campbell’s by Turner Duckworth and Ian Brignell


hcma done In-house


Kaapelitehdas by BOND

All Together All Wordmarks Best In

A Heavily-bearded Viking for Keymaster by Focus Lab


A Versatile Smile for Yubo by Koto


A Sportive Chicken for Ryabchick by Naked Bureau


A Gang of Trees and a Globe for Planted by LIT Create


A Dapper French Fry for Pipiris Fries by Manifiesto


A Blueprint of Floor Plans for Hoxton Campus by Anagram


A bowl hat-wearing Boston Terrier for Boston Calling by Contino Studio and Colossus

All Together All Mascots The End


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