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Tokyo Ties London’s Loose Ends

Reviewed Jul. 15, 2007 by Armin

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Tokyo 2016 Applicant City Logo

Yes, you are correct, this is not a Before/After scenario strictly speaking. But designerly-humorously-speaking, this is a pretty funny way of looking at these two Olympic bid identities. I was this close to making this a “Noted without Comment” post, but maybe a little context helps:

Tokyo’s bid for the 2016 Olympic Games has unveiled its new representative logo, a Japanese MUSUBI knot that integrates the five colours of the Olympic rings and is used in Japan at times of celebration. [ … ] “This logo, our MUSUBI knot, integrates the values that underpin both the Olympic Movement and Tokyo 2016. It ties together sport and culture, urban and natural environment, Japan and the world, the world and peace” said the bid CEO Dr. Kono. [ … ] Tokyo’s bid logo was selected from among 18 entrants in a national competition of designers and will be used during their bid campaign until June 2008.

The logo is passable as an idea, but the execution is mundane at best. By using gradients to resolve how the knot goes back and forth, the visual loses all the possible tension that could have been achieved with a little more finesse if a few more hours had been spent on the execution. But I have to say that the typography, on its own, is quite fetching — striking a nice balance somewhere between “futureness” and this beauty. If the Messy-London to Organized-Tokyo parallels continue, then there is hope that, if Tokyo wins, they can clean up after this big mess in a few years.



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