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Reviewed Jun. 9, 2008 by Armin

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Euronews Logo, Before and After

Euronews, a 15-year-old news channel with an unconventional approach — i.e., their “No Comment” segment features news clips presented without segues or comments, it just rolls — launched a new identity last week. Designed by Paris-based advertising agency FFL, the new logo is a white circle paired with the awful choice of either ITC Bauhaus or its rich version, Chalet 1970 — elements indicative of transparency and simplicity in the delivery of news that Euronews strives for, or, in their words, “The new euronews signature epitomises the fundamental values of the channel: honesty, integrity, neutrality, transparency in the broadcasting of information and,in particular, respect for the viewer who is looking for information over spectacle.” This page has a nice collection of brand statements and positioning about the channel and the new logo as well. I have never watched Euronews, so I will have to go by what I’ve read so far, and it feels like the positioning and the logo are on par with each other and, above all, signal confidence. I really don’t like the typeface choice at all because it is trying too hard to be different, and because it does not reflect the goal of simplicity, and the white circle could be a little pretentious, but it fits the quirky attitude of the channel.

Thanks to Ranwa Hakim for the tip.



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