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Lead Image

The Hot Dang Packaging


Production Method




Make & Matter

Designer: Trina Bentley



American Color Labs

To help Austin-based, vegetarian burger company The Hot Dang off to a successful debut, Make & Matter fashioned a less granola, more retro-chic ensemble for the whole-grain burger patties with budget friendly choices—like stock white boxes—which work in seamlessly with the overall aesthetic. 



The Hot Dang

Quantity Produced


Production Cost

50 cents a piece

Production Time

3 days

Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth)

label size: 8 × 3.875 in

Page Count

Paper Stock

Matte coated label stock

Number of Colors

4 color




Base Nine
Franklin Gothic


Description ---

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Project Description

The Hot Dang is a vegetarian burger patty made from grains, nuts and oats. The goal was to take a fresh, more fun, approach to an all-natural product. Bright colors and graphic typography were used to attract attention while casual copy adds personality and tells the story behind the name, "Hot Dang." The package utilizes stock white boxes with printed wraparound labels — a budget friendly solution for getting this new product off the ground.

The Hot Dang is available for purchase at Whole Foods and other small retailers.

Production Lesson(s)

Consider the viewers perspective when it comes to packaging design. In this instance, the front and the top needed to both function as the main point of interest -- as each could potentially be the first thing to be viewed. I realized this about halfway through the initial concepting phase and had to backtrack.”

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Author Picture

Duncan Robertson

Former intern at UnderConsideration LLC.

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Date Published

August 12, 2013


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