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2015 Brand New Conference: Speakers Announced

Speakers, details, registration, and more are all now live for the 2015 Brand New Conference in New York, NY on September 24 – 25.

A few things:
1) Early-bird pricing will only be available for two months, ending on June 26.
2) Between speakers, sponsor-reserved tickets, and pre-sale registrants there are already over 300 seats taken, we have a big theater so let’s fill ’er up!
3) An explanation of this year’s grungy identity can be found here.

Hope to see many of you there.

Many thanks to all the sponsors who signed up for launch: School of Visual Arts – MPS in Branding, Neenah Paper, MailChimp, Monotype, Classic, Commercial Type, LiveSurface, MOO, Custom Ink, Hoefler & Co., and Uber.

Finally: due to needing to finish the conference site and a presentation at the HOW conference in Chicago (where I am today and tomorrow), there will be no posts until Wednesday.


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