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New Logo for Farmers Insurance by Lippincott



Reviewed Jul. 30, 2013 by Armin

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Established in 1928, Farmers Insurance is one of the leading insurer groups of vehicles, homes, and small businesses in the United States along with a range of other insurance and financial services products. With 24,000 employees and 50,000 exclusive and independent agents, Farmers serves over 10 million households with more than 20 million individual policies. They also have some pretty decent TV ads. Last week, without too much fanfare, Farmers introduced a new logo. Design credit not given.

Update 07/31/13: The logo was designed by Lippincott. Press release here.

The latest Farmers ad (with new logo at the end) featuring Professor Nathaniel Burke (played by one of the best actors ever, J. K. Simmons). More ads can be seen here.
Respectful of our 85-year heritage, this contemporary logo points the way ahead: A sunrise suggesting the optimism of a new day, the sun’s rays representing our broad range of services and our strong network of agents, and a shield to symbolize protection.

This identity proudly reflects our belief that by helping customers make smarter, more informed decisions, we can provide greater confidence, security, and peace of mind. Because, like you, we believe that planning for tomorrow is smart.

Farmers mini announcement

New Logo for Farmers Insurance by Lippincott
Logo detail.

Although we don’t have many materials to look at for this redesign, the company is big enough and the change is significant enough to warrant a review. The old logo was kind of terrible: the “Farmers Insurance Group” text inside the shield barely fit inside it, the shield was held by some kind of ugly sculpture that had some more hard-to-fit text in there, and the semi serif name all tracked out had little to do with anything else. Yet, it looked American and Insurance-an. A logo for a company that could be trusted.

The new logo — in a surprisingly similar outcome as Portugal’s Fidelidade insurance — goes more for the alarm security look, this one with a strong shield at the forefront and the bold sans serif typography. Perhaps there is new research out there that proves that customers want to feel more safe in the hands of their insurance companies. The new logo is a nice evolution of the old, maintaining the rays, shield, and color palette. It’s not the best logo out there and perhaps it lost some equity once it dropped the ornamental look but this looks like a more manageable logo that should serve Farmers for a couple of decades.

Thanks to Geofbar for the tip.

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