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Regional Quarterly Zine


Production Method




Cassie Tompkins

Written by Emily Gelsomin



School of the Art Institute of Chicago Printmedia Department

Like the back of a cereal box, Regional gives you information about your food that you never knew you wanted to know. Arriving fresh-baked in a pie die cut envelope and folding out to reveal an inspirational poster, this zine celebrates the true upper crust of America.  




Quantity Produced


Production Cost


Production Time

3 weeks

Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth)

11.5 in × 16.5 in

Page Count


Paper Stock

French Paper, Dur-O-Tone, Newsprint White, 70 lb Text

Number of Colors

3 Spot (PMS 233, PMS 803, Black)


Gloss Spot Varnish



Eames, House Industries

This piece is available for purchase for $5 (+ shipping)

Regional Quarterly Zine --- Regional Quarterly Zine --- Regional Quarterly Zine --- Regional Quarterly Zine ---

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Project Description

Regional is a quarterly zine that examines American food. The third issue focuses on pie. Folds out to 11.5 × 16.5 inches and the back features original artwork.

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Jessica Mullen

Writer for UnderConsideration LLC.

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Date Published

April 10, 2012


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