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This graceful identity and collateral system superbly reflect Amy Anderson’s photography and clientele. Soft curves and thin lines in the logo convey a soft caring touch, while the color choice, application and paper selection provide a comfortable home for Amy’s wedding photos and portraits. 



Amy Anderson Photography

Quantity Produced

250 business cards
50 of everything else

Production Cost


Production Time

3 Weeks

Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth)

Page Count

Paper Stock

French / Speckletone / Starch White / 100 C
French / Speckletone / Starch White / 80 T
Business Cards: French / Speckletone / Starch White / 100 C duplexed

Number of Colors





McCartney, Linda (thin weight) by Dan Cassaro
Gotham, Book and Medium by H&FJ


Description ---

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Project Description

Amy Anderson shoots on film and has established a warm, calm style across her portfolio. We wanted to create a look that was visually undemanding so that the photos could do most of the work without being overshadowed by some crazy logo or collateral. A simple, one-color palette of gray was our first step. Then, creating a thin, almost wispy, logo as the cornerstone of the identity helped solidify the sort of "background" presence that we hoped to achieve.

Production Lesson(s)

A project with this many pieces takes FOREVER to prep for print if you're only one person. Schedule (and budget) for that!”

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Duncan Robertson

Former intern at UnderConsideration LLC.

More: Online / On Twitter


Date Published

March 25, 2013


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