Élise Cropsal


Montréal, Québec

Part of the #BNConfDoesGood initiative.

Élise has almost 2 decades of design experience. She joined lg2 four years ago and quickly forged her path, becoming a creative director in just 2 years. In the last 5 years, she has won more than 60 awards, both in Quebec and internationally. Her work for Rethink Breast Cancer with its range of Give-A-Care products earned her international recognition, including 2 Cannes Lions in 2017. The following year, she served as president of the Grafika jury, the biggest competition in Quebec, Canada that rewards the best in design.

Her love of art and her keen design sense are indisputable. Élise involves herself on many different fronts, feeding her desire to help her field continue to evolve. She founded the Montreal chapter of the design discussion group, Ladies Wine Design. She also invests much of her time in the world of publishing and culture, most notably by sitting on the board of directors of Espace Go, a well-known contemporary theatre, and on the board of the Society of Graphic Designers of Quebec (SDGQ). Finally, she is the creative force behind many brand identities in various business sectors.


Sometimes the media can be the message. Give-A-Care is a line of customizable care packages designed for young women with breast cancer that takes the purpose of packaging beyond profit margins to something much more meaningful, insightful and helpful.