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A celebration of being a small studio and embracing the flexibility (and challenges) that come with it as well as a rare praise for the constraints and restrictions we face constantly across projects and using them to find the limits and push them all while creating brands that love people and come across as genuinely caring about their audience. PREVIEW

A series of questions presented to challenge our preconceptions about branding (and life) based on an upbringing as an Iranian American immigrant supported by a series of insights like, among others, embracing our heritage, looking high and low for inspiration, and using our skills for the things we believe in. PREVIEW

A charming and honest acknowledgment of being young, making mistakes, learning on the job, and modeling parental advice based on one's own experiences. This presentation also featured one of the best quotes from one of the unlikeliest of sources as a way of encouraging those that don't yet fully believe in themselves or their potential. PREVIEW

A discerning conversation stemming from the publication of his new book, “Universal Principles of Branding”, on various aspects of branding, from its definition to its purpose to its (mis)understanding, while broaching other subjects as myriad as airlines, philosophy, and AI. PREVIEW

A poetic take on how strategy is key in developing responsive, responsible, and culturally-relevant design work, explained through the lens of an exercise learned from a tax accountant — The Core Values exercise — in order to learn what is important to people. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Stephanie Falaschetti and Matt Tanaka)

A first-hand account of a project to redesign a non-alcoholic beer brand where the outcome was not the desired one but that makes a case for the reframing and rethinking of failure and rejection as something positive. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Stephanie Falaschetti and Kristin Lueke)

A look at the life and times of a young freelancer and what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the freedom to work with selected clients and aiming to make one kick-ass project a year like the YouTube Shorts packaging design for a trio of creators. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Matt Tanaka and Kristin Lueke)

A tribute to tension as a conduit to develop strategies that uncover novel and exciting approaches to lay the groundwork for design and communications that help transform companies not from A to B but from A to A-plus as exemplified by the case study for Equinox. PREVIEW

A razzling and dazzling yet sobering reflection of an evolving career and an introspection to recuperate the joy for the work being done as an outlet for both self-expression and client satisfaction all presented with good humor, authentic warmth, and, of course, dizzying motion. PREVIEW

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A high-energy, highly entertaining narrative from this proud Long Island boy as he tackles the change from a comfortable yet challenging in-house job to getting out of his comfort zone and starting his own design firm. PREVIEW

A story of personal and professional transformation experienced through the world of professional sports with Maureen bringing her artistic point of view to the world's biggest sports stages, from the NHL to the MLB to the NFL, best exemplified by her work on the Super Bowl LVI logo and identity. PREVIEW