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An introspective look at the evolution of her career, from working at a small design firm doing a book on dominatrix photographs to working at some of the biggest design firms doing identities of the largest scale and impact, including USA Today, The Met, and Burger King, as well as the experience of working in-house at Chobani. PREVIEW

An open conversation about the challenges of not just getting into the creative industries as a person of color but making it in the long term, punctuated by a glimmer of hope as leaders like Abdul and Erwin lead by example consistently and provide opportunities to other minorities whenever they can. PREVIEW

An introvert taking on the role of an extrovert for the day takes an alternate route to present three case studies based on the different types of roles the agency took on as designers from “The Hairdresser” to “The Questionable Friend” to the “The TV Show Host”. PREVIEW

An astute and lucid challenge on the assumptions of what our roles are, aren't, and could be as graphic designers with a teaser of the thoughtful design work of FÖDA. PREVIEW

A lighthearted yet full-hearted exaltation of thinking, doing, and living inside the box and benefitting from the freedom that — oxymoron aside — boundaries can provide for a chronic overthinker. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with the Kampas and Edith Valle)

A charming and endearing recollection of this dynamic and long-standing duo's journey with a glimpse into their current forays into maintaining a creative life beyond the hustle and bustle of their impactful careers that helped shape Austin's design scene and community. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Russell Toynes and Edith Valle)

An impassioned demonstration of the power young people have — through policy-making, organizing, voting, and art — to affect change through, in this particular case, zines that are relatable and accessible to a young audience. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Russell Toynes and the Kampas)

A raucous presentation on the importance of strategy being an inherent trait of what we do (or must do) as brand designers and the urgency to employ our critical thinking to avoid being replaced by algorithms. PREVIEW

An understated review of a career spanning 30 years and how avoiding the comfort zone has led from being at the top of one of the biggest brand agencies in the world to starting a small one from scratch while never settling for expectations. PREVIEW

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A behind-the-scenes look at the painstaking attention to detail of Design Army's stunning brand campaign videos. PREVIEW

A thoughtful reconciliation of what we do as creatives and its relationship to the concept of "Belief". PREVIEW