Andrew Schapiro

Head of Brand Creative

Airbnb / San Francisco, CA

Andrew leads the Art Department at Airbnb, a multi-disciplinary group that stewards the visual brand and focuses on creating meaningful experiences for Airbnb's international community. The team partners with nearly every other department at Airbnb to generate campaigns, print collateral, environmental designs, and host of other branded solutions. Under Andrew's lead, the team tackles diverse expressions of the brand, from its revolutionary approach to office design (and furniture) in Portland to large-scale branding initiatives and advertising campaigns.

In 2014, Andrew led Airbnb's widely-discussed brand evolution, in partnership with DesignStudio of London. He designed an integrated process through which the DesignStudio and Airbnb teams worked seamlessly together in San Francisco. More recently he and his team have developed creative solutions for Airbnb's presence as a sponsor of the New York City Marathon, the inaugural Airbnb Open (a 3-day conference for Airbnb Hosts), Pineapple magazine, and the launch of Airbnb in Cuba.

As a designer, Andrew draws inspiration from a diverse range of personal and professional experiences to create on-brand solutions to complex and ambiguous problems. He believes that great work is thorough work, and he encourages his team to consider craft from the outset. Prior to Airbnb, Andrew worked for award-winning design studios on the East Coast and in the Bay Area as well as in publishing at Chronicle Books in San Francisco. In 2010 he co-wrote and designed the Designer's Notebook with Brad Mead. The book was published by Chronicle has been reprinted twice and continues to be a tool for design students and professionals alike.

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Andrew Schapiro


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I’d like to speak to the year following the launch of our new brand. Looking specifically at how our community has reacted to and embraced it, how it has evolved in our product, and the role brand storytelling has played.